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Tufts in Spain Gets Comfortable

While Jumbos on the hill are a month into their classes and beginning to feel the semester pick up, Tufts in Spain students are just getting acquainted with Madrid and Alcala, the two cities where the program resides. The getting-acquainted process was aided by the introduction of the program’s newest event, the “Finde de Intercambios” or “Exchange Weekend.”

The weekend kicked off with a fiesta de intercambios, a casual party in which students met their intercambios, Spanish students at the University of Alcala and Autonomous University of Madrid who were assigned to Tufts students as pen pals so they could foster relationships and practice their language skills before heading to Spain. The weekend continued with guided tours of both Madrid and Alcala.

For an insider look at their Exchange Weekend, check out these pictures and videos from the fiesta de intercambios in Madrid:

 For updates on how the group is doing adapting to Spanish culture, keep an eye on the program’s blog – but be warned, most entries are written in Spanish!

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