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Student + Mom

Anne Bentley, Tufts doctoral student of Developmental Psychology, is the author of a blog, Student + Mom. An excerpt from her bio, written in the form of “Directions to Where I Am,” reads:

Major in English. Ask questions. Fall in like with a series of boys whose mothers adore you. Learn that this is not necessarily the key to romantic success. Meet up with a bass player who’s just a friend (there’s something about those musicians…). Move to England. Take up running. See Princess Diana four times and Prince Charles once. Exchange increasingly love-filled letters and tapes with the bass player.

Move back, marry bass player + put him through law school. Move from Salt Lake City to Boston to Washington, DC, to Boston. Have three babies. Be amazed at the depth of mama love. Cut sandwiches, hold hands, answer questions. Ask questions & follow where they lead. Be cherished. Move forward. Go to grad school. Embrace it all. Start a blog. Write this. You’re here.


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