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Mrs. O’Connell’s Art Room

Danielle O’Connell, J00, G01, is a graduate of Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts who has made a career out of inspiring young artists. O’Connell is currently an art teacher at Garfield Elementary School in Revere, MA, and she recently started a blog to showcase her students’ work.

The blog covers projects her students are working on and she has included photos of their work, like Aztec-inspired portraits and African masks. Her students recently embarked on a new project and she introduced it on her blog:

Glass is one of my favorite art mediums.  I’ve made my own stained glass windows, kiln formed glass, and I’ve even blown glass!  The third, fourth and fifth grade are about to start a large group art project based on one of my favorite glass artists- Dale Chihuly.  Students can see a really Chihuly sculpture at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Be sure to visit Mrs. O’Connell’s Art Room and check out her students’ gorgeous work!


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Africana Center Gallery Exhibit

This fall, the Africana Center opened their gallery with an exhibition by Rashad Davis, A13. Davis’ artwork is an extension of his writing, which is meant to cover issues of African American identity in the face of mainstream media. He says of his work,  “I am inspired largely by life and experience, but in a much more specific sense by culture. I was drawn to create these pieces, from various African cultures and their dearth of representation in the fantasy/sci-fi realm.”

For more on the artist, including moving insights behind the work,  check out the Africana Center’s video of their grand opening ceremony:

Be sure to see the exhibition live at the Africana Center from now until November 15th, 2012.

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Strolling in the Sky

Dual degree SMFA students Eileen Wang, A15, and Kushala Vora, A15, are on cloud nine after their large scale project, A Stroll in the Sky, was chosen for an exhibit at the MFA’s sister museum in Nagoya, Japan. To be chosen for the exhibit, artists had to create a work inspired by a piece called “Dragon Amidst the Clouds.”

Creating the piece as part of the SMFA class “Water, Color and Paper,” taught by Erica Adams, the pair used different materials and took a creative spin on the original, hoping to create, “a collaborative modern piece that celebrates in preserving the traditional while embracing the future.”

For Wang, the project helped her find her artistic direction and took a more personal turn:

“I started realizing how interesting and essential it is for me to incorporate elements of culture into my work. Because I grew up in Asia, when I started working on the dragon piece I knew how significant the symbol of dragon is for Asian countries. That made me start to think about how cultural symbols define a country’s identity. Then of course because I am interested in food, I see food as much of a cultural symbol as the dragon is to Asia. It is because I grew up under two very different cultures, the fusion of it says a lot about who I am. This dragon project for me is a realization of the direction I need to take for my future works.”

Take a look at their piece along with a full interview with Eileen here!

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365 Days of LaForce

Painter Heather LaForce, a graduate student in the dual degree program with Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, is running a day video blog called “365 Days of LaForce.” She blogs:

365 Days of LaForce aspires to highlight the textures of daily life in ten minutes or less. Viewers can expect to observe my creative process as it unfolds, behavior that might be considered bizarre or unusual, but nonetheless silly or humorous and be exposed to a very enthusiastic attitude! I promise to provide material that is colorful and uplifting to the best of my abilities!

Watch the first video in the project below and view the rest on LaForce’s YouTube channel.

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