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Pen, Paint, and Pretzels, Tufts’s umbrella organization for student-run performing groups, recently announced their Fall Major play on their new website. Day Father is their chosen piece, and it was written by Lindsay Carpenter, A13. She’s a part of Bare Bodkin, Tufts’s written theater student group. She was recently interviewed by the group on her successful playwriting efforts:

BB: How did Bare Bodkin get involved?

LC: At that point, the play was ready to submit to Bodkin. I got a workshop date, made some revisions and arrived not sure of what to expect. That was the workshop in which the play got its name, Day Father. I got the suggestion to work Lewis Carrol’s book Through the Looking Glass into the play in a more tangible way. Bare Bodkin, the group, was incredibly encouraging. They suggested I do another workshop and asked me about whether I had considered producing the play. I realized that I had the chance to get it onstage while I was still at Tufts.

Several revisions later I had the second workshop, and made a point to invite Cole Von Glahn, a member of Bodkin at the time, curious to see if he would be interested in directing the play. I remember staying after the workshop with several of the actors who had read the parts and listening to them discuss the implications of the play. The workshops have given me the opportunity to hear direct audience response in more depth than one tends to get when a play is produced. I have also gotten to hear from the actors who’ve played each role. I have heard how the actress playing Mother felt, or which sections the actor who played the Father wished were further developed.

From there, a few more conversations passed with Cole, I flew off to Dublin and when I returned the play had been passed by 3Ps. Now I get to sit and watch and see what happens.

Day Father will be directed by 3Ps secretary Cole Von Glahn,  A14, and will play from November 8-10. For more info, check the 3Ps out on Twitter and Facebook.

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