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2012 Candle-lighting Ceremony

Legend has it that when Charles Tufts donated the land for the university to be built upon, he did so because he wanted to put “a light on the hill.” Each year, the newest group of Jumbos come together for the candle-lighting ceremony. This beloved Tufts tradition signifies the beginning of these students’ Tufts experience.

New and transfer students gather on the president’s lawn where a few candles are lit and each student then lights the candle of the person beside them. The candlelight slowly progresses up the hill until the whole lawn is lit. Coming full circle, this class will join together again the night before graduation and will once again put “a light on the hill.”

Check out some of these great photos we found on Instagram of this year’s candle-lighting ceremony:

I will put a light on the Hill #tufts2016




#tufts2016 coolest thing ever=candle lighting ceremony


Tufts class of 2016 #tufts2016 #candles


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