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Interested in Internships?

Career Services Ambassador and blogger Cara Panel (A’12) recently kicked off a series of posts discussing the internship search process.

That fear of being swamped in rejection letters and “maybe next summer’s” is constantly boiling in my brain, always firmly etched among my other list of stubborn career-related stressors. But, what I’m here to remind you (and what I’ve realized myself) is that landing a summer internship is far from the tearful impossible. It’s stressful, sure, but if you invest sufficient energy into the process, completely and entirely do-able.

A recent “Ask the Career Counselor” post also addressed the question of funding for non-paid internships.

Stay tuned to the Career Services Ambassadors blog for part two of Cara’s series on searching for internships.


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Career Services Goes Abroad

Career Services’ Tufts Career Services Ambassadors blog features a travel section, written by student ambassadors who are currently studying abroad. Career Services Ambassadors are students “who serve as liaisons to Tufts Career Services by sharing resources from the office with the student body, and gathering student feedback on its behalf.”

This semester, junior Cara Paley, a history major, is writing about her experiences with the Tufts-in-Madrid program. Her latest post discusses her transition to a Spanish lifestyle.

Something that’s stuck out for me here is that, unlike us on-the-go Americans, Spaniards are just so relaxed. Lunch isn’t handed to you in a crumpled paper bag but presented on glass dining-room plates. Passerbys don’t sprint and carelessly nudge but actually wait for flashing-green walking signals, stroll, and converse. American hotspots like Starbucks don’t find a place on Alcala’s historical streets, either. Spaniards don’t want to take their caffeinated lattes to go; they’d prefer to sip slowly in quaint cafeterías, catch up with some amigos, and, if time permits, go for that pastería chocolate on the side.

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