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The Tufts Traveling Treasure Trunk

Founded in 1987, the Tufts Traveling Treasure Trunk, or just TRUNK for short, is Tufts’ only children’s theater troupe. The members of TRUNK write, direct and create costumes for their original skits, songs and plays. They perform for children at daycare centers, hospitals and preschools up to five times a week. They are dedicated to showing kids that being grown-up does not mean always being serious and having no fun. Additionally, every show they perform contains different morals, from sharing and helping others to the importance of being creative. This year TRUNK is raising money for Birthday Wishses, a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts that provides birthday parties for homeless children.

Currently TRUNK is in the midst of preparing and performing their latest show, “Toco the Toucan’s Color Conundrum,” which tells the story of a toucan who is in charge of giving leaves their fall colors. After losing the colors right before he has to paint, he ends up going on a incredible adventure with his best friend who is a mouse.

For more information about what TRUNK does and its dedicated members, watch their video below:

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