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The Compass Fellowship at Tufts University

Compass Partners’ Compass Fellowship, supported by the Kenneth Cole Foundation, recently announced the 2011-2012 Tufts Mentors. The Compass Fellowship aims to engage and support social entrepreneurs in their endeavors as undergraduates.

The Compass Fellowship has notable partnerships at Tufts University through The Gordon Institute, along with Georgetown, American, and various other socially cognizant institutions.

Late this summer, Compass Fellow Jack McDermott, A14, launched Balbus Speech’s mobile app Speech4Good. According to McDermott, Balbus Speech…

…looks to connect, support, and inspire people who stutter across an online community of speech therapy. We believe that connective technology can be harnessed to meet the needs of stutterers and therapists alike. We believe that, by uniting this technology with proven therapy methods, speech therapy can become more accessible, effective, and efficient. More than anything else, we hope to help people who stutter find their voice as I have found mine.

You can follow both Compass Partners and Balbus Speech on Twitter.


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