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Green Grapes Blog

Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD (N’10), a recent graduate of the Friedman School of Nutrition and Health Sciences, is the author of a nutrition and healthy living blog, the Green Grapes Blog. She writes of her perspective:

I say goodbye to fad diets, bogus “fat-burning” pills, and processed, non-food food. And, I smile hello to a healthifying lifestyle full of fruits, veggies, and whole grains, sweaty workouts, the occasional “chocolate fix,” sleep, family and friend time, and quality “me time” with a focus on health.”

In a recent post on delicious recipes involving peanut butter, Dobbas gushes:

If you know me, I mean—really know me, then you know I LOVE peanut butter to the point where I have to literally exercise all willpower to not eat it straight-up out of the jar. I love the stuff for it’s creamy or crunchy texture, depending on my mood, and for it’s staying power—protein, carbs, fiber, fat—check! I mean really, it’s got all the goods. And, a little goes a long way to quell that hunger and satisfy any craving.”


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