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Tufts Alumna Finds Her Career Calling

A recent post on the Tufts Career Services Ambassadors blog features an interview with Tufts alumna Dana Yoo (E’07), an “engineer-turned-toy-maker-turned teacher.” Yoo, who graduated from Tufts with a degree in mechanical engineering, is in the process of making a huge career switch from user interface software designer to school teacher.

Yoo will be attending a full-time 12-month education program at Boston College come July. She received a full tuition scholarship and additional funds.

Here’s her advice on switching career lanes:

The core of who you are won’t change. What you study and what your interests are will inevitably lead to what you’re meant to do. I know there are many things I learned at my office that relate to teaching and leadership…Everything you experience you can portray in your next career. Think outside of the box, be creative with life, and run with what you feel is best. And don’t give up and don’t quit and don’t settle.”

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