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Mrs. O’Connell’s Art Room

Danielle O’Connell, J00, G01, is a graduate of Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts who has made a career out of inspiring young artists. O’Connell is currently an art teacher at Garfield Elementary School in Revere, MA, and she recently started a blog to showcase her students’ work.

The blog covers projects her students are working on and she has included photos of their work, like Aztec-inspired portraits and African masks. Her students recently embarked on a new project and she introduced it on her blog:

Glass is one of my favorite art mediums.  I’ve made my own stained glass windows, kiln formed glass, and I’ve even blown glass!  The third, fourth and fifth grade are about to start a large group art project based on one of my favorite glass artists- Dale Chihuly.  Students can see a really Chihuly sculpture at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Be sure to visit Mrs. O’Connell’s Art Room and check out her students’ gorgeous work!


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