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Tufts Scientists Win Innovator Award

This year the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program Innovator Award was given to a group of Tufts scientists. According to the grant website, the Innovator Award,

supports visionary individuals who have demonstrated creativity, innovative work, and leadership in any field including, but not limited to, breast cancer.

This groundbreaking research, headed by Tufts Chemistry Department’s David Walt, Ph.D, aims to use single-cell technology to find breast cancer at its early stages. Walt’s lab focuses on single-cell and single molecule technology, genetic variation, and other biochemical areas of research.

Other team members include associate professors at Tufts School of Medicine Rachel Buchsbaum, M.D., and Charlotte Kuperwasser, Ph.D., and Professor Gail Sonenshein, Ph.D. All three also work as faculty at the Sackler School.

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