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Domestic Dubstep

CJ Saraceno, A11, is the author behind Domestic Dubstep, a blog about dubstep. Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music which NPR describes as “marked by a shuffling rhythm called 2-step with a heavy emphasis on bass and sub-bass…” and “better suited for head-bobbing than dancing.”

Saraceno writes of his blog:

Before the nation experiences this trend, I would like to set up a sort of base-camp where people can come together and document the phase in their dubstep relationship right before reaching the tipping point. Let’s share the moments when dubstep was most prevalent in our lives, the honeymoon period, which is distinguished by listeners’ attempts to live normal lives while integrating dubstep into their day to day activities.”

Here’s a video which integrates dubstep with making brunch:

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