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Tufts Film Works Presents “Dirty Dishes”

Tufts Film Works is Tufts’ local resource for student films on campus. Between sponsoring the re-occurring ExCollege class Making Movies, as well as providing students with the equipment for filming, the program is the ultimate resource on campus for aspiring actors, screenwriters, producers, and directors. Recently, students from this semester’s Making Movies class with Professor Don Schechter put together a short film as part of their assignment. In the words of co-director Kaveh Veyssi, A14:

 The focus was to be able to tell a story through all the elements of film: lighting, editing, sound, music, acting (body language and eyes), mise en scéne, etc.  The four of us were put together and given three weeks to write, cast, produce, direct this short film.  We were trying to tell a story without any dialogue, so we tried using sound and music to our advantage more than anything because as we’ve learned in the class, quite often sound is more important in the telling of a story than dialogue or the visual aspect of a film.

See the result below:

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Oh Man, I’m Thirsty

Students in the ExCollege class “Environmental Action: Shifting From Saying to Doing,” a course organized by the Office of Suatainability, put together short videos highlighting the pros of tap water versus the cons of bottled water. The idea is to reduce the use of disposable water bottles on campus by promoting tap water’s fresh, cool accessibility.

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