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Bauer Featured in WGBH Interview

Nancy Bauer, Tufts’ Dean of Academic Affairs for Arts and Sciences, was recently quoted in a story about women in the upcoming elections that aired on WGBH. In addition to her role as a Dean, Bauer is an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy, where she has focused much of her teaching and research efforts on the intersection of philosophy and feminist ideals. She frequently teaches a course on Feminist Philosophy for undergraduates, and published a book on Simone de Beauvoir and Feminism in 2001.

The WGBH piece, entitled “Before the US Senate Debate: Tactics and Threats,” featured quotes from Bauer about the nature of women in politics and the double standards they face. She explained: “Men have a literal uniform that they can wear no matter what their profession is. However, women have no such uniform to wear when they are not literally wearing a uniform required for a job. So anything women wear seems to say something about who they are, what they value, what kind of person they are, and there‚Äôs just no way around it.”

Listen to the full interview here:


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