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A Single Noon – Gregg Kallor

Tufts Alum Gregg Kallor, A00, has recently released a CD entitled A Single Noon. Kallor started playing the piano as a toddler and before high school graduation he had already performed at the White House and toured Europe twice. As a double major in American studies and music while at Tufts, Kallor had the opportunity to further sharpen his skills.

Since graduating from Tufts, Kallor moved to New York to pursue music. In 2007, he had the opportunity to play his New York concert debut in Carnegie’s Hall Weill Recital Hall. Kallor’s most recent Carnegie Hall concert, in 2011, featured the first premiere of A Single Noon. He won the Aaron Copland Award for Composition which gave him the opportunity to live in Rock Hill, Aaron Copland’s restored, longtime New York home and take time to focus on his creative work, free from distractions and other professional responsibilities.

Unlike his first album, There’s a Rhythm, which featured his jazz trio with bassist Chris Van Voorst Van Beest and drummer Kendrick Scott, his newest album is a nine-movement suite for solo piano. It is told through a combination of composed music and jazz improvisation. A Single Noon was inspired by Kallor’s life in New York – the music represents moments of caffeinated bliss, embarrassing subway mishaps, the buzzing energy of a city driven by dynamic, thoughtful, talented and slightly crazy individuals.

Watch the music video below for the first single ‘Espresso Nirvana.’

For more information and updates on Kallor, like his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.

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