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Tufts Career Services Internship Fair

This coming Wednesday (March 2) from 12:30-4 on 51 Winthrop Street, Tufts will be hosting its annual Internship Fair. A blog post by Tufts Career Services Ambassadors featuring the event reads:

Rather than through slow-paced emails, we get to gauge the job and prospective employers face-to-face. It’s a perfect time to reveal our tangle of talents, practice some career chatter, and hand-off our finest, plumped up resumes.

But the Fair also caters to our curiosities. Through face-value interaction, we can immediately comprehend what the job offers us as undergrads, still trying to locate our “it” post-college path. We can decide off-the-bat if this is something that arouses us and speaks to our hazy long-term goals. Landing an internship position often times comes down to networking—that is, attaching impersonal emails to a recognizable name and face. It scrapes off some of those exhausting steps in-between. And let’s face it: we could all use some of that.

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