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Gearing Up for National Coming Out Day

Time to dust off your rainbow flags, National Coming Out Day is right around the corner! On the hill, the LGBT Center has planned a number of events leading up to National Coming Out Day like the week of flags, painting the cannon “in a glorious rainbow (THERE WILL BE HELLA GLITTER),” and a feature in the Tufts Daily where “Out and Proud” community members “out themselves.”

Tufts has a rich tradition of supporting the LGBT community — both professors and students rally in support of LGBT students. This love and support is perfectly portrayed in the following “It Gets Better” video by the Fletcher GLBT club and their allies:

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It Gets Better

The Tufts LGBT Center has started to post a series of videos on their YouTube channel as part of the “It Gets Better” project.  Each video features an interview with a Tufts faculty or staff member reflecting on their experiences with coming out and embracing their sexuality. Thus far, they have interviewed Michelle Bowdler, senior director of health and wellness services, and Ben Hescott, senior lecturer in computer science.

Check out the “It Gets Better” interviews here and all the rest of the LGBT center’s videos on their YouTube channel

Here is the interview with Ben Hescott


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Coming Out Day Rally at Tufts / It Gets Better

Last Monday, President Lawrence S. Bacow sent a message reaffirming his support for the LGBT community at Tufts in advance of the Coming Out Day rally held on campus Oct. 13.

See more photos on the Tufts Facebook page

Sophomore Justin McCallum took some more amazing photos of the rally.

Grad student Hollis Bowe blogged about the pride flags flown all over campus and shared a nifty pic of the cannon painted appropriately for Coming Out Day. Here is another pride flag seen on campus:

Seen tons of these all over @TuftsUniversity. Proud to be an ... on Twitpic

Senior and admissions blogger Kyle Sircus reflected on this outpouring of support:

For many, Tufts is the home away from home where they can truly be who they truly are, an attribute of our school that I know is appreciated by so many.

Members of the Tufts community are also participating in the “It Gets Better” movement, where people share video messages to let LGBT youths know that while life may be difficult now, it gets better. English lecturer David Valdes Greenwood‘s video was covered by the Associated Press.

Freshman Jay Dodd and sophomore Ben Madsen shared this video (some swearing, but all heart):

Are you a member of the Tufts community with an “It Gets Better” video you’d like to see featured in this post? Submit a comment below.

Follow the Tufts LGBT Center on Facebook or Twitter to learn more about upcoming events and programs.

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