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Jumbo Jugglers Performance Night

The Tufts Jumbo Jugglers recently held a performance as a chance for the Tufts community to come see the amazing skills that these Jumbos refine every week. The group practices a variety of styles and techniques, including balls, contact staff, clubs, rings and devil sticks.

Their performance included guest acts by Vassar College’s Barefoot Monkeys, an acrobatic duo, and Cirque de Light, a local performing duo.

Watch the videos below for a taste of what Tufts’ juggler’s can do and click here for more videos:


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Tufts Spinjam

Every Thursday night, a group of daring students plays with fire–right on the Res Quad! The Jumbo Jugglers host Tufts Spinjam on a weekly basis, where they combine acrobatics, stunts, and intricate dance moves as they move rhythmically with fiery hula hoops, diablos, and a handful of other props. The club is open to anyone, and they often host introductory sessions before breaking out the fire. For some fun music and jaw-dropping stunts, the quad is the place to be!

Here’s a video from this week’s Spinjam:

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