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‘Balance Your Life’ Blog Suggests Smoothies for a Nutritional Summer Drink

Balance Your Life (BYL) is a healthy lifestyle campaign from the Department of Health Education at Tufts. Thanks to the Balance Your Life blog, managed by soon-to-be double jumbo, Kate Sweeney (A’05, N’11), Tufts students and beyond have access to ample information about the aspects of healthy living on a college campus.

Most recently, the advice has been regarding what you could replace your coffee or tea with as the weather gets warmer. For a more summer-inspired drink that is cool and refreshing, Sweeney recommends a chilled smoothie. A smoothie is not only easy and fast to make in the dorms, but it can be taken on-the-go, and can be made with healthful ingredients.

There are many different foods you can put into a smoothie, from carrots, to pineapple, to yogurt. Some of Sweeney’s favorite are those that also have nutritional benefits, like the chopped carrot and banana smoothie, full of fiber and anti-oxidants, or the peanut butter and chocolate smoothie, giving you mono- and poly-unsaturated fats. Head over to the BYL blog to find Sweeney’s favorite smoothie recipes.

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Eating Well Off Campus

In this recent post on Tufts’ Balance Your Life blog, Tufts students are schooled on how to eat healthy even when indulging in restaurant food. The blog is authored by Kate Sweeney, a Tufts alum and grad student at the Friedman School of Nutrition and Science Policy. Here are some of her recommendations for healthy ordering habits when eating out:

* Ask for sauces on the side (yes, even for your wings!)
* Go for mustard, hummus, or balsamic vinegar instead of mayo or creamy dressing
* Ask for no cheese, or limit it to one slice
* Get the whole-wheat bun or bread
* Substitute lean meats, like turkey and chicken, for beef
* Spruce it up with avocado, roasted red peppers, and spinach
* Set on fries instead of a side salad? See if a restaurant has sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are packed with potassium and other nutrients.

For more on Balance Your Life, check out this previous Jumble post.


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