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Tufts Voices on the Egyptian Military

Egyptian liberal human rights activist Dalia Ziada is currently a graduate student at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Ziada, a native of Cairo, has a special interest in women’s issues and authors a blog. In a recent entry on the current protests in Egypt, Zaida writes:

The Military here in Egypt is much respected and trusted than any other authority in the state. I would claim that they played a very important role in making our revolution succeed by simply not using violence. They have never shot any one or harass any protester in any way and under any condition. On the contrary, they have helped save the lives of the protesters against the thugs hired by Mubarak. They refused to comply with Mubarak’s orders to kill protesters. Even before the revolution, whenever they were need to play a civil role, they always do it perfectly with showing high respect to the people.

Tufts graduate Laila Selim (A’10), who was born in Egypt and plans to return there shortly to start a business, was recently interviewed by New England Cable Newsabout the Egyptian military. Like Zaida, she is confident in the military’s ability to do right by the Egyptian people.

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