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The Man Who Made Music

Tufts students Sam Poliquin, A14, and Ben Feuerstein, A14, recently wrote, produced, and directed a short original film called The Man Who Made Music. The story takes place in a world where all songs and artists are poets, and therefore all “lyrics” are simply read out loud over the radio like a poem. A recently fired radio host soon discovers that adding sound to the lyrics yields a new and exciting result – music.

According to Poliquin, the film was a final project for the Ex-College class Making Movies and took approximately four weeks to make. In terms of inspiration, Poliquin wrote;

I took the idea of a world with no music and ran with it, taking more influence from one of my favorite movies, the “Invention of Lying.”  This story is unique because it has a heightened degree of fantasy but nevertheless takes place in a normal setting (Lowell, MA).  I pitched the idea to Ben, who then added his vision of using black and white transitioning into color as music is discovered.  I think this worked brilliantly.  Overall, we had a funky, comical storyline that we knew would stand out from the rest.  Plus, we would be able to shoot it pragmatically in everyday life without any elaborate sets.

Poliquin and Feuerstein found their actors through casting sessions posted on craigslist, got their film equipment from the Experimental College, and edited the footage in Braker’s basement lab.

Check out their terrific short film, The Man Who Made Music:

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Tufts Film Works Halloween Horror

The Making Movies class at the Experimental College provides students the opportunity to film everything from situational comedies to home-grown dramas. Perfect for Halloween is an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Ned Berger (A’10), Josh Hale (A’11), Erika Volchan O’Conor (A’11) and Julio Roman (G’13), which tells the story of a man fighting through his guilt for sanity after committing a despicable act. The film was shot on location at Medford’s St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

The Tufts Film Works Vimeo page contains more student made videos, and you can find out more about the program through their website.

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