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Free Movies!


“Free Movies. Big Screen. Every weekend.” Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds, and it’s Tufts Film Series‘ mission statement. Every weekend, they handpick a movie for the Tufts community and offer three reasons we should watch it. With the new semester fast approaching, they’ve returned with three reasons we should watch their first two movies. As if we needed more reasons to watch Forest Gump!

Three reasons Tufts Film Series wants you to see this movie:

1) Tom Hanks’ second Oscar-winning performance in as many years.

2) The role of Forrest Gump almost went to Chevy Chase and later to John Travolta. Be glad that never happened.

3) The ping pong sequences were filmed without a ball; it was added in with CGI later to match the movement of the actors’ paddles.

To join in on the fun, check them out on Twitter and Facebook.


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From Farm to Table

On Dec. 14, four Tufts undergraduates will premiere their short documentary on local food, “From Farm to Table.”

A light-hearted look at one of the most important issues affecting Americans today, “From Farm to Table” will open your eyes to the food that’s growing all around you.

[UPDATE: 12/17] Watch the film:

Watch the trailer:

Among the initiatives featured in the film is Tufts’ New Entry Sustainable Farming Project.

You can get updates on the film and details on the premiere by following the filmmakers on Twitter.

The song is “Farm Soundtrack,” an original composition by Ben Anshutz.

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Media Mentor

Micheal Flaherty (A’90), co-founder and president of the film production company Walden Media, recently spoke to the Mentors’ Forum on his experience developing media that has an impact for good.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Tufts Film Works Halloween Horror

The Making Movies class at the Experimental College provides students the opportunity to film everything from situational comedies to home-grown dramas. Perfect for Halloween is an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Ned Berger (A’10), Josh Hale (A’11), Erika Volchan O’Conor (A’11) and Julio Roman (G’13), which tells the story of a man fighting through his guilt for sanity after committing a despicable act. The film was shot on location at Medford’s St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

The Tufts Film Works Vimeo page contains more student made videos, and you can find out more about the program through their website.

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Making Tufts Horror Movie Magic with “Asylum”

Tufts has produced many film stars, including Hank Azaria, Oliver Platt and William Hurt. Ben Samuels (A’09) and Nick Jandl (A’07) might be the next two names to be added to that list with the anticipated release of their independent horror film “Asylum.”

The film, which finished production in May, focuses on a group of friends that visit a defunct asylum. Things don’t go as planned, and the friends are the ones who must pay the price.

Asylum Teaser from Ben Samuels on Vimeo.

Samuels and Jandl started Background Productions while at Tufts and have moved on to bigger roles in addition to this film. Samuels can be seen in “21,” “The Happening” and “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” and we previously blogged about his independent film, “A Year and a Day.” Jandl has starred on “NCIS: Los Angeles” and will play the role of Ryan Reynolds’ brother, Jim Jordan, in the upcoming “Green Lantern” movie.

Samuels and Jandl are using a method similar to how the producers of “Paranormal Activity” promoted their film; the more people that request to see it, the more information they will give before announcing an official release date. Visit the “Asylum” page on Facebook; when it has 1000 “likes” a full trailer will be released.

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