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September is “Pain Awareness Month”

Tufts University School of Medicine is observing September as “Pain Awareness Month.” This initiative is sponsored by PREP, or Pain Research, Education and Policy. Daniel B. Carr, Co-Founder and Director of PREP, aims to not only educate the community about those in pain, but to better practices when assisting those in painful conditions. Carr is an advocate for the newly released report by the Institute of Medicine, commenting that…

Acute, chronic and cancer-related pain are widely prevalent and exact a major economic and human burden in developed nations and even more so in resource-poor countries. Other common themes include lost opportunities for early intervention to control or prevent the transition from acute to chronic pain, the negative outcomes of undertreated pain, the importance of optimal pain control for patient-centered care, disparities in pain assessment and treatment experienced by minorities and other under-represented groups such as women or those at the extremes of age, and the need “to adopt a population-level prevention and management strategy” for pain

More information regarding pain awareness and PREP can be found here.

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