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Tufts Music Apps for the iPad

By Kristin Livingston, A05. From the Fall 2012 issue of Blueprint.


Ever wanted to build a synthesizer? Or create your own digital drum set? Or learn how to sing without paying for voice lessons? There’s an app for that—or there soon will be, thanks to Tufts engineers and a pioneering course called “Music Apps for the iPad.”

Music Lecturer Paul Lehrman, AG10, and Computer Science Lecturer Ming Chow, E02, EG04, teamed up last spring to create a course that would foster musical composition and competition, teach the basics of music and mobile development, and hopefully create commercially viable apps, setting talented students on the path to early business success.

Funded by a grant from renowned piano makers Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc., the course, says Chow, was an instant hit. “It was filled within a few hours.” Over the semester, students spent 25 percent of the time working with local app developers and guest lecturers in music theory; the other 75 percent was spent on the coding. Final projects ranged from sound mixers to auto-soundtrack systems that can detect the mood of YouTube videos and suggest a soundtrack from a library of music.

Chow is very grateful to Steinway for opening up creative academic opportunities and hopes to repeat the course this spring. “I liked what Steinway was interested in: anything that can help facilitate the new generation to play music and share work with people all over the world.”

Take a peek inside the “Music Apps for the iPad” class:

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Loop Loop Revolution

Joo Yong Kang, A13, John Bradley, A15, and Scott Jacobson, A15, may have created the next video game craze as part of their final project for their class Music 66. Their game, “Loop Loop Revolution,” consists of a control panel, four hip panels, and four foot panels. The player creates various beats by touching the panels with their hands and feet. A combination of “Dance Dance Revolution” and “Guitar Hero,” the device is more than just a game–it’s a student-invented piece of musical engineering:

Music 66, or Electronic Musical Instrument Design (known to some as EMID), is a course taught by Paul Lehrman that uses MIDI software synthesis to make new ways of creating music. For more, check out Prof. Lehrman’s course site as well as a previous student project for Music 66.

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Electro/New Music Ensemble

The Tufts University Electro/New Music Ensemble’s 2008 concert featured a live performance of “Imaginary Dialogues.” The work, written by Phil Acimovic (G’08) and Paul Lehrman (faculty), is composed for two Wii Remotes, Macintosh laptop, Max and Reason.

Here is a video of the performance:

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