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Conflict & Natural Resources Videos

Part of  Nancy Gleason’s PS138: Conflict & Natural Resources class requires students to create group presentations on oil, diamonds, or minerals, the potential conflicts they bring about, and potential resolution approaches to the conflicts related to their natural resource of choice. The course itself “examines the role of natural resource endowments and scarcity in national and international conflict.”

Check out three videos from this semester’s batch of projects:

“The Cost of Conflict: A Message to Private Oil Firms” by Ryan Egger, A14, Ally Manning, A13, Mariah Martin, A13, Janet Rubin, A14, Katie Segal, A14

“Revamping the Kimberley Process” by Danielle Jenkins, A13, Meagan Maher, A13, Karen Bustard, A13, Daniel Goodman, A14, and Stephanie Krantz, A14

“Somali Piracy Over Natural Resources” by Jack Miller, A14, Chris Banaszek, A13, Sean Gunn, A15, Angela Sun, A13, Hans Ege Wenger, A14, Steve Yu, A13

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