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Green Trips for All!

Thanks to Tufts Recycles!, anyone can decrease (or completely remove) their environmental footprint while on the road. Basing their tips from the movie YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip, Christopher Ghanny, A15, drops some knowledge on sustainable traveling. From basics like using your own dishware to lesser-known techniques using smartphones, their environmental wisdom offers ideas we can use both on the road and in every day life:

Tupperware is your best friend.

Instead of wasteful food containers and plastic bags, bring reusable plastic bins with you to hold your leftovers and food scraps. When shopping, use your tupperware to stash fruits, granola, or nuts bought from bulk bins (Whole Foods has them, and they’re less pricey than you probably think!). Locking containers like the ones pictured above also prevent flies and animals from getting into your food supply.”

Keep these tips in mind when you go on your next trip or adventure and for more helpful environment-friendly tips, be sure to check out Tufts Recycles! on Twitter and Facebook.

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