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Learn to Salsa with La Salsa!

Ever wanted to learn how to dance the spicy Latin salsa? Now you can learn from the best: Tufts’s own La Salsa has begun an instructional video mini-series for all Jumbos to learn the secrets behind their moves. In their first installment, La Salsa co-leaders Suzanne Lis, A13, and Sam Newland, A13, show us the basic step, side step, right turn, Susie Q, and a turn for guys:

You can also learn these moves and more from the members of La Salsa every Tuesday from 9PM to 10PM in Jackson Gym. Already a master salsa dancer? Then be sure to audition for the performance team on Tuesday, October 4th at Jackson Gym from 10PM to 11PM. Buena suerte!

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