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Tufts Students Dramatically take on the Blogosphere

Those who pursue a Ph.D. in Drama at Tufts thankfully do not keep their musings contained to the stage or to publications.

Danielle Rosvally, a current Ph.D. student, frequently discusses her intense interest in Shakespeare on her blog Daniprose. In her latest post, she discusses the upcoming movie Anonymous, which takes into account the rumor that Shakespeare did not actually write any of his plays. Rosvally responds…

Here’s my brief opinion of the authorship debate: why are we wasting our time?  No matter how we slice it, Shakespeare (either the man from Stratford or the great playwright – whether these two are the same person or not) is dead.  Shakespeare the man from Stratford existed.  Shakespeare the playwright wrote amazing, transcendent works of literature which continue to touch upon the human soul hundreds of years after his death.  Everything else is a fairy tale.

Meron Langsner, who currently holds a Ph.D. in Drama from Tufts and has  taught at the university in the past, has started a new blog entitled Taking Note and Taking Notes. He comments on a vast array of topics, from theatrical pieces and his involvement to performance and fight directing. For example, on the topic of cooperative writing, Langsner notes…

Only twice before had I co-authored anything, and both times it was with someone who was already a close friend coming into the process.  The experience of co-writing in a supportive environment with the people that I shared the retreat with where everyone was filling in everyone else’s blanks is incredibly affirming.

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