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The Innovation Catalog

Tufts student Shriya Nevatia, A14, writes about educational technology and the future of learning in her blog The Innovation Catalog. Shriya looks at everything through the context of her own background as an individual interested in education, mathematics, computer science, philosophy, technology, culture/media and the visual & performing arts. She interacts with a range of issues in the educational field including the affects of race, gender and class.

Here’s an excerpt from a post she wrote entitled “Risk-Taking and Feminism: The Limited Entrepreneurial Education of Girls”:

We need to cultivate a culture that tells girls to take risks just as much as it tells boys to, and reinforces the idea that a failed business or underground activity in their young years will not turn into a scary mark on their permanent record or a trip to juvie. Many of the entrepreneurs that the Western world worships (George Foreman, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Richard Branson, Simon Cowell to name a few) were rebellious risk-takers in their young years. They were also all male. The women who are prominent entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires/billionaires went through more traditional paths.


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