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Stress at Tufts

In a recent post from the Tufts Balance Your Life blog, an interview with a staff clinician from the Counseling and Mental Health Services Center offers valuable insight into how to effectively manage stress.

An excerpt from the post reads:

Stress suppression is anything that avoids stress, but doesn’t change our condition. For instance, playing a video game, watching TV, surfing the web, and even working out (if our minds are still churning) can all be stress suppression techniques. These activities put what we are stressed about on the back burner, and we might feel more relaxed. However, we aren’t dealing with the stress, and it will resurface after that activity is over.

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Puppy Power

Earlier this fall, on our Jumbo Shorts video blog, we featured a program at Miller Hall that helped students cope with midterm stress by playing with puppies.

Now that finals are upon us, the puppies are back. Check out recent coverage by the Associated Press, The Boston Globe and ABC World News.

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