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Tara Anasti on Beyond the Farm

2010 Tufts School of Nutrition graduate Tara Anasti is a writer for the Seeds for Learning program’s blog “Beyond the Farm.” Seeds for Learning is a program dedicated to creating school-based farms in Philadelphia along with community outreach and entrepreneurial education. Anasti’s most recent post is about planning for the coming fall season in the garden:

Here at the farm, we are watching our summer crops become exhausted and beginning to prepare spent beds for fall planting. Using our crop plan from the last year’s season, we rotate the location of our fall plantings. Crop rotation is a critical technique for organic agriculture. Rotating crops prevents crops from depleting the soils of the same nutrients.

She also wrote about students’ classroom experience:

Our high school students gained much experience in growing, cooking and selling food to their community this summer and our K-8 campers learned about climate science in their new outdoor classroom space at the farm. For the fall, Seeds for Learning will continue to educate our student farmers about food justice and the food system.

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