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The Ex College at Tufts

Tufts Experimental College now has a blog! A recent post entitled “What College Should Be” shares quotes from students about their experiences enrolled in Ex College classes:

  • “Best (course) since being at Tufts…informative, stimulating, entertaining. Feels like this is what college should be like.”
  • “I really like this class. I look forward to it almost as much as my weekends.”
  • “I also enjoy the articles we read — they are so compelling and seeing each others’ responses on Blackboard is interesting.”
  • “The subjects discussed are interesting, relevant, and extremely important to all American citizens. I am thrilled by the in-depth readings, lectures and debates on these subjects.”

A separate video post features Tufts students on their experiences teaching an Explorations Ex College seminar on the television show “Lost”:

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The Dove: A Film by Adam Geiger

Tufts student Adam Geiger (A’12) is producing a short thriller film through the Ex College at Tufts. The film “explores the depth of human brutality each one of us secretly keeps hidden from the world.” On the film’s website, Geiger explains:

For me, this project is a major step towards my goal of becoming a professional filmmaker.”


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