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The Ex College at Tufts

Tufts Experimental College now has a blog! A recent post entitled “What College Should Be” shares quotes from students about their experiences enrolled in Ex College classes:

  • “Best (course) since being at Tufts…informative, stimulating, entertaining. Feels like this is what college should be like.”
  • “I really like this class. I look forward to it almost as much as my weekends.”
  • “I also enjoy the articles we read — they are so compelling and seeing each others’ responses on Blackboard is interesting.”
  • “The subjects discussed are interesting, relevant, and extremely important to all American citizens. I am thrilled by the in-depth readings, lectures and debates on these subjects.”

A separate video post features Tufts students on their experiences teaching an Explorations Ex College seminar on the television show “Lost”:

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