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What Makes You Happy?

Hey students! Tufts Admissions wants to know: what makes you happy? Nick Whitney, A16, and Imogen Browder, A16, took to the Tufts campus – everywhere from the Tisch patio to the leafy paths of the academic quad – to see what gets our students to smile. Answers included good food, random acts of kindness, autumn, thought-provoking theater and art, and–of course–being at Tufts!

Check out the video below:



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A Community of Minds

A very unique aspect of the Tufts community centers on everyone’s ability to learn from one another. Though in some institutions of higher education the learning is most often top-down – transferred from a professor to a student – at Tufts, it’s sometimes a circle. Interactions in the classroom can sometimes be as thought-provoking and intellectually compelling for professors as they are for students.

In one of Tufts Admissionss videos about the eccentricities of life on the hill, John Lurz describes this special occurrence from his own experiences as an assistant English professor reading To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. Check out this video:

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Roommate Love

In Tufts Admissions’¬†new video, undergrads discuss life in the dorms and talk about the friends they’ve met through the communal living experience at Tufts. “Roommate Love” doesn’t have to be just between roommates – the video highlights students with singles, who talk about how they’ve managed to still connect with the dorm community and the benefits of having a private space. Also demonstrated by the video is the fact that you don’t have to have similar interests, sleeping patterns, or friend groups to become great friends with your roommate. Overall, being in a dorm allows you to make long-lasting friendships and helps ease the transition into college life.

“Roommate love” is part of an Admissions series on Tufts residential life. You can head to their YouTube page to see “The Community” and “Dorm Myths Debunked” for more students’ perspectives on Tufts housing.

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Why We Love Tufts

At the end of March, Tufts Admissions sent out their ultimate decisions to the applicants for the class of 2016, accepting approximately 21% of applicants Рits most selective  year yet. That translates to nearly 3500 students Рall of whom have probably received numerous offers and are weighing this life changing decision. Therefore, in an effort to communicate to these newly accepted students why Tufts is the place to be, the admissions office has created a series of videos featuring real Jumbos discussing the reasons why they chose and love attending Tufts.

What kind of reasons did they come up with? Everything from little reasons like Hodgdon burritos and the Rez coffee shop to larger reasons like a diverse student body and tight knit community. You can check out one of the recent videos below, as well as watch the rest of them on the Tufts Admissions YouTube channel. One thing we can say for sure – you don’t have to be a potential 2016er to enjoy them! Sometimes, it’s just nice to hear a few reminders for why you chose Tufts back in the day.

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The Bubs Today

It’s been two years since America’s favorite a capella group, The Beelzebubs, took over your television in NBC’s “The Sing Off.” Since then, they’ve sung on Glee, added new members, and said goodbye to their graduating ones. Tufts Admissions hung out with the ‘Bubs to see where they are today and touch on their experiences as a cappella superstars at Tufts.

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