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Asian American Alliance: Voices Concert

On November 8, Tufts’ Asian American Alliance hosted its annual Voices Concert in Hotung Cafe, featuring a variety of student performers, as well guest performer Yami Lee, an up-and-coming YouTube artist.

Among this years student artists was Philip Chen, A16, who performed an original piece called “The Confused Boyfriend Medley.” Chen, a talented singer and guitarist, condensed highlights from 12 different songs into an original piece that transcended the genres of pop, R&B, and Motown, among others. Chen showcases current hits by Justin Bieber, Jason Mraz, and Gotye alongside older favorites by Leonard Cohen and The Temptations to create a piece that’s entirely original and decidedly fun.

Watch Chen’s performance here:

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The Asian American Alliance hosts a “Teach-in”

An Asian American Studies minor is the newest minor at Tufts, but before the program was approved, the Asian American Alliance hosted a “Teach-In” to talk about what Asian American Studies is and why it’s important. The below video shows the meeting where they first present the audience with the question, What does studying Asian American identity mean? They examine stereotypes of Asians and Asian Americans, argue why they believe a minor is important to the Tufts community, and even discuss historical strikes on college campuses revolving around ethnic studies programs.  In their own words, the group is advocating for a “generational commitment to a robust Asian American studies, Africana studies, and Race/Ethnic studies program.”

Check out the Teach-In:



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Tufts for Japan

This video was produced by the Tufts Japanese Culture Club and Asian American Alliance to raise funds for relief efforts in Japan:

Tufts for Japan from Jason Moloney on Vimeo.

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