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A Weekend for Bikes

Photo by Amanda Garces, A11This weekend on the Medford/Somerville campus, it was all about life on two wheels.

On Apr. 1, Tufts Bikes launched their bike share initiative, featuring 30 bikes available for rental free of charge. President Lawrence S. Bacow was on hand to cut the ribbon.

Check out this photo recap from the event and learn how you can check out a bike via Tisch Library, starting today.

The initiative also features a bike repair shop, located in the Crafts Center, where members of the Tufts community can learn more about bike repair and care.

On Apr. 3, Tufts Cycling hosted the Boston Beanpot Campus Criterium race around campus. Here are some photos from the race:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

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Tufts Bikes

Tufts Bikes seeks to provide free bike sharing for the Tufts Community. “Getting Tufts going on two wheels,” Tufts Bikes is in partnership with Tisch Library, Tufts Crafts Center, and Tufts Office of Sustainability. Additionally, Tufts Bikes has a blog where you can enjoy weekly featured bike videos, updates and pictures. A recent post reads:

A lot of people know about Tufts Bikes as the organization that is starting a bike share at Tufts. We are actually doing a whole lot more. We are working to create a whole bike culture at Tufts. Bike share, bike rides, and a bike shop!”


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