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Free Movies!


“Free Movies. Big Screen. Every weekend.” Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds, and it’s Tufts Film Series‘ mission statement. Every weekend, they handpick a movie for the Tufts community and offer three reasons we should watch it. With the new semester fast approaching, they’ve returned with three reasons we should watch their first two movies. As if we needed more reasons to watch Forest Gump!

Three reasons Tufts Film Series wants you to see this movie:

1) Tom Hanks’ second Oscar-winning performance in as many years.

2) The role of Forrest Gump almost went to Chevy Chase and later to John Travolta. Be glad that never happened.

3) The ping pong sequences were filmed without a ball; it was added in with CGI later to match the movement of the actors’ paddles.

To join in on the fun, check them out on Twitter and Facebook.


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