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Meet JumboRaas

What is JumboRaas? Oh, you know them, they’re the Tufts Garba Team! Formerly known as Raas and Beans, they became JumboRaas this past spring. The name adds the element of Raas, a type of Indian dance with sticks, to the traditional Tufts University Garba Team name. Along with a new name, the team is looking to recruit new dancers for the 2012-2013 year:

For more on JumboRaas check out some of their previous performances and connect with them on  Facebook.

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Tufts Music Apps for the iPad

By Kristin Livingston, A05. From the Fall 2012 issue of Blueprint.


Ever wanted to build a synthesizer? Or create your own digital drum set? Or learn how to sing without paying for voice lessons? There’s an app for that—or there soon will be, thanks to Tufts engineers and a pioneering course called “Music Apps for the iPad.”

Music Lecturer Paul Lehrman, AG10, and Computer Science Lecturer Ming Chow, E02, EG04, teamed up last spring to create a course that would foster musical composition and competition, teach the basics of music and mobile development, and hopefully create commercially viable apps, setting talented students on the path to early business success.

Funded by a grant from renowned piano makers Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc., the course, says Chow, was an instant hit. “It was filled within a few hours.” Over the semester, students spent 25 percent of the time working with local app developers and guest lecturers in music theory; the other 75 percent was spent on the coding. Final projects ranged from sound mixers to auto-soundtrack systems that can detect the mood of YouTube videos and suggest a soundtrack from a library of music.

Chow is very grateful to Steinway for opening up creative academic opportunities and hopes to repeat the course this spring. “I liked what Steinway was interested in: anything that can help facilitate the new generation to play music and share work with people all over the world.”

Take a peek inside the “Music Apps for the iPad” class:

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Tufts Alum Introduces the Class of 2024

Less than a year after graduating from Tufts, Rebecca Hornthal, A11, found herself on the hill again. But this time, she was the teacher–to fourteen English Language Learning fourth grade students at Letourneau School. Her students hailed from all over the world, tended to under-perform academically, and oftentimes had behavioral issues.

Despite the daunting task before her, Hornthal broke through to her students by learning their hopes and dreams and showing them the path to achieving them: college. She created an ambitious curriculum with high expectations centered around long-term goals for her kids, and named them the “College Class of 2024.” Soon enough, the class adopted the term and became a model class for the rest of their Fall River peers. In order to keep her students motivated and show them what they were working for, Hornthal brought them to Tufts, where they met Professor Scarlett and even had a meal in Carmichael Dining Center. A student from the Fall River Education Television was there to witness it all:

After a year with Hornthal, her students went from under-performing in math and reading to testing out of their ELL program and being placed into traditional classrooms. Hornthal is one of many Jumbos working with Teach for America, and her success in the classroom will undoubtedly inspire others.

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Winners Reflect on Their Lives as Jumbos

Every year, the Tufts Alumni Association awards accomplished alumni for “their service to their profession, their communities, and to Tufts.” They also award seniors who are “an example for their peers and all alumni by demonstrating service, loyalty, commitment, and leadership to Tufts and/or their community.” With a strong commitment to Tufts, it’s inevitable that theses awarded Jumbos have a thing or two to say about life on the hill. The Tufts Alumni Association has captured their thoughts and memories in two videos, one with the recent graduate winners and another with alumni recipients. Both videos are filled with memories, inspiration and wisdom from what undoubtedly were four extraordinary years at Tufts.

For more Jumbo nostalgia, check out Jumbo Memories On and Off the Hill.

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A Community of Minds

A very unique aspect of the Tufts community centers on everyone’s ability to learn from one another. Though in some institutions of higher education the learning is most often top-down – transferred from a professor to a student – at Tufts, it’s sometimes a circle. Interactions in the classroom can sometimes be as thought-provoking and intellectually compelling for professors as they are for students.

In one of Tufts Admissionss videos about the eccentricities of life on the hill, John Lurz describes this special occurrence from his own experiences as an assistant English professor reading To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. Check out this video:

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Introducing Tufts Tamasha 2012-2013

In preparation for the upcoming year, Tufts Tamasha recently posted a video of their members and past performances. Their aim is to introduce their 2012-2013 team while giving incoming students a taste of their group. Tufts Tamasha is an all-girls Bollywood/South Asian Fusion performing dance team, started in 2008 that blends elements of Western and Eastern dance, from bollywood and hip hop to bhangra and lyrical. The group holds auditions every fall and tentatively in the spring, so if their fusion style is right up your alley, give them a shot! No previous dance experience required.

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The Countdown Begins for the Class of 2016!

In less than a month, the class of 2016 will be storming the hill, sending all Jumbos currently on it in a frenzy in preparation for their arrival. From on-campus groups to student-run companies, everyone is gearing up for the arrival of the Class of 2016. Of all groups, none is more excited than the Tufts 2016 Orientation team. Aside from setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter account, the Orientation team is increasing their efforts in getting the class of 2016 involved a month before their arrival via some very interesting YouTube videos.

The first displays class banners currently hanging in the campus center with the goal of inspiring the incoming class to design their own class banner.

Next, they posted three videos of the Orientation coordinators showing their “special” talents in hopes of inspiring 2016ers to enter this year’s Jumbo Idol competition.

First up, Babisa Adumbire, A13: The Dancer

Next, Audrey Abrell, A13: The Vocal Artist

And last, but certainly not least, Chris Blackett, A13: The Percussionist

What do you think of their skills?


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Engineering Land

As current STOMP Fellows, Emma Rubin, E14, Hannah Garfield, E14, and Andrew Bennett, E15, more than understand the importance of multiple methods in teaching. From hands-on activities to written or spoken instructions, these fellows have done it all to teach K-12 students engineering and problem solving skills. This summer, they outdid themselves and created what may be the most creative and entertaining engineering video of all time to explain the different types of engineering–with Legos!

STOMP began here at Tufts in 2001 as a CEEO initiative, and has since grown within the university while also helping launch the program throughout the nation at seventeen other schools. For more on Tufts STOMP, check out their website.

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Summer at the Movies – Ballplayer: Pelotero

Every summer, after tiring of the beach and the heat, we flock to movie theaters to delight in the relief of air conditioning and a good flick. This Friday, our summer at the movies can take a break from superheroes, talking teddy bears, and pop stars to bear witness to a truly fascinating story brought to you in part by two Tufts alumni.

In their controversial film Ballplayer: Pelotero, Trevor Martin, A08, and Casey Beck, A07, bring us the story of Miguel Angel and Jean Carlo, two excellent Dominican baseball players. The boys are on the brink of turning 16 (the age in which they can be signed to a Major League Baseball farm), which could lead them to the majors.

Martin and Beck along with their crew, spent two years in the Dominican Republic filming and preparing their movie. The film “sheds light on some of the most pressing issues regarding the export of Dominican baseball players to the US: age and identity fraud, exploitation, and the opaque role Major League Baseball plays in determining the fates of young players and their families. However, at heart, the film is a story about two gifted young men with a shared dream, doing their best to navigate a mercenary world with the hopes, fears and burdens of their entire families riding on their success or failure.”

The documentary has received much criticism from the MLB for its controversial topic–the organization itself did not did not cooperate in the making of the film. Martin explains to the Boston Globe, “We took pains not to have the film come across as a heavy-handed indictment […] It’s a complex issue. We leave value judgments up to the viewer.”

To make those judgments yourself, check out Ballplayer: Pelotero this Friday, July 13, at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline. If you’re not in the area, check out the movie’s website for a complete list of showing locations.


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Ghanaian Ewe Agbadza on a drumset

Graduate ethnomusicology student Christiana Usenza, A13, took the result of her studies to YouTube when she created this video demonstrating how she has adapted Ewe Agbadza rhythms to the drumset. Ewe drumming is the style of drumming used by the Ewe people of West Africa, specifically Ghana and Togo. Agbadza refers to the traditional rhythm. In this video, Usenza breaks down two Ewe Agbadza pieces into a series of rhythms and carefully explains how she has translated each rhythm on to a part of the drumset. You can watch the unique musical result below.

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