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Tufts University: A Site for Sore Eyes

It’s not surprising to anyone who has visited Tufts University to hear the warm accolades the university receives for its beautiful campus. From the one-of-a-kind view of Boston to its renowned winter aesthetics, the university never ceases to impress visitors and residents alike.

Yee Hui Tan, ’14, has recently added to the collection of Tufts photos, along with a novel idea…

i’m only half-kidding but i’ve been thinking of setting up a group for people to watch the sunset together – friends, strangers, whatever. there would be no awkward forced mingling or small talk, because witnessing a sight like that, in the presence of such glorious, such marvelous light, you really don’t need to say anything.

You can also find more Tufts-related photos here.

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