Project Development – 10/10/20

I’d like to first apologize for the long downtime between posts – in the meantime, I’ve done research into reviews surrounding nanoparticles and siRNAs, and have recruited 3 more people to join me as a 4-person group on the nanoparticle siRNA project (though a better name is pending if one of my groupmates comes up with a flashier title). Overall, we are currently still working on the presentation on Tuesday for a general project overview, however we believe that our project will likely be focused on nanoparticle therapies targeting either the lungs, liver, or kidneys – these are organs that accumulate large percentages of nanoparticles naturally, which assists in reducing dosage and/or ease of delivery into the cancer site. However, before in-depth research can be done onto this topic, we must first clarify both the mechanism of action and the previous research and therapies created through siRNA. In addition, we must also investigate research on the creation, development, and delivery mechanisms of nanoparticles, in order to better understand the context surrounding nanoparticles. Finally, we must bring both sides together by investigating current research into siRNA nanoparticle therapies, and the interactions between unstable dsRNA and nanoparticle interiors – and furthermore, how to manufacture particles around unstable dsRNA samples.

Professor Kaplan has directed me towards Professor Qiaobing Xu, an expert in the field of nanoparticles and siRNA research – and he relayed a review to me that will be invaluable in producing the upcoming introductory presentation. However, Prof. Xu has unfortunately not been able to reply to my attempts to directly reach him through email – but I hope to develop a relationship between him and this team so that we may ask him questions and clarification for some of the more complex aspects of the project as a whole.

Finally, as per requirements of the class, I have also created a project-centric website at that will be the home for most of our technical progress updates on research and creation of the final-video-project.

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