Project Idea Development – 9/24/2020

At this point in the class, we’ve started looking at projects in a more serious sense, especially now that we have more context about some of the most promising fields in biomedical engineering – and the advancements they’ve been looking towards.

My first idea coming into this class was to do a project on brain-machine interfaces, which may-or-may-not have been partly inspired by my fascination with superheroes (Iron Man, in particular). However, I soon realized that the field of brain-machine interfacing was both wider than I first thought, and much more complex than I could possibly tackle within a short amount of time. I would require a more specific topic – something like prosthetic limbs and taking input from neuromuscular systems, or fine-tuning fMRI systems into more portable versions in an effort to read brain-waves beyond simple Alpha-Beta-Gamma classifications.

After a lecture with Professor Kaplan, I also came across another possible project idea centered on nanoparticles – small particles that can be custom-made to deliver drugs or act as diagnosis tools for a variety of different diseases (including cancer!). I realized that nanoparticles were just as complicated as my previous idea, and reached out to Professor Kaplan to help me find reviews and background information so that I could narrow down my topic to a feasible question. At the moment, I’m currently researching siRNA intervention through nanoparticles into tumors, a field of research that is currently being undertaken at other labs, but is still in early stages – a perfect opportunity for me to build on the preliminary advancements of other labs and papers.