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Senior Asst. Director of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Interested in nation rebranding, Did work for the Sri Lankan government on nation branding and sovereign rating upgrades for Sri Lanka, Sovereign bonds, Monetary policy, Payments and settlement systems, anti money laundering, investments in gold, blue chip, public debt and currency trading. Also an Attorney at Law who formerly worked as a Prosecutor of the Attorney Generals Department. Has dual degrees of BSC in microbiology, chemistry and Attorneys at Law. MALD at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in development and international economics and International banking and finance...

Tech savvy microfinance: low cost or increased threat?

Tweet Microfinance is a business of scale. It operates on principles of maximum utilization of finance, with minimum cost. As microfinance serves tens of thousand clients in its endeavor of empowerment of poor, saving even several cents per micro loan … Continue reading

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“Money laundering”: the bane of the microfinancier!

Tweet Laundered money is never clean! In fact it is dirtier than before. Money laundering allows the criminals to disguise the origin of money, which came from illegal or criminal activities. More technically put, it is “an organized process that … Continue reading

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Mobile cash, cellular phone and empowerment of poor

Tweet The rapid development of technology made the cellular phone cheap and accessible for the poor. The mass-market appeal of carrying a cellular phone spread across landscapes where fixed line operators baulked at providing service. India is a good example … Continue reading

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