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Administrative updates about the conference.

Is Bangladesh Killing Cash Soon?: In Pursuit of a Mobile Money Ecosystem

Tweet Bangladesh, with a population of nearly 160 million and a landmass of 147,570 square kilometers, is among the most densely-populated countries in the world.  It remains a low-income country, with a per capita income of US$ 652 in FY09 … Continue reading

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Tech savvy microfinance: low cost or increased threat?

Tweet Microfinance is a business of scale. It operates on principles of maximum utilization of finance, with minimum cost. As microfinance serves tens of thousand clients in its endeavor of empowerment of poor, saving even several cents per micro loan … Continue reading

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Five business case insights on mobile money

Tweet -by Kabir Kumar & Toru Mino Today, we share with you a presentation that describes in detail five ways mobile network operators (MNOs) can think about the mobile money business case. MNOs across the globe are investing millions to develop … Continue reading

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“Money laundering”: the bane of the microfinancier!

Tweet Laundered money is never clean! In fact it is dirtier than before. Money laundering allows the criminals to disguise the origin of money, which came from illegal or criminal activities. More technically put, it is “an organized process that … Continue reading

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Mobile cash, cellular phone and empowerment of poor

Tweet The rapid development of technology made the cellular phone cheap and accessible for the poor. The mass-market appeal of carrying a cellular phone spread across landscapes where fixed line operators baulked at providing service. India is a good example … Continue reading

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Mobile technology, the gateway for financial inclusion?

Tweet In developing countries as Haiti or Senegal, in rural areas in El Salvador or India, powerful women and men try to cope in a constant fight against destiny, nature, casts or politics. In spite of these challenges, their ability … Continue reading

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10 Things You Thought You Knew About M-PESA

Tweet Few initiatives in microfinance, or for that matter in development, have been as successful as M-PESA: 3 and a half years after launch, over 70% of households in Kenya and more importantly over 50% of the poor, unbanked and … Continue reading

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KILLING CASH Conference – April 22, 2011

Tweet Welcome to the Killing Cash Conference blog! Please visit our conference website here.  More updates coming soon! If you plan to attend the conference and would like to contribute to this blog’s content, please email

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