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Mobile technology, the gateway for financial inclusion?

In developing countries as Haiti or Senegal, in rural areas in El Salvador or India, powerful women and men try to cope in a constant fight against destiny, nature, casts or politics. In spite of these challenges, their ability to manage scarce resources is outstanding. In order to help such efforts, small scale lending for the poor has been used from Jonathan Swift in Ireland 200 years ago to Grammen Bank and BRAC in the 70’s in Bangladesh.  Even though the improvements are notorious, the challenges are becoming more complex.

In 1990, Dr. Parker Shipton gave an important spin to the debate about how to tackle rural poverty by emphasizing in the role of savings. His paper How Gambians Save gave us an interesting inside about how rural Gambians save and the notion of credit as debt. Also, encourage the international community to focus on fostering savings rather than imposing the burden of debt on people. His anthropological insight underscores the importance of understanding cultural dynamics when implementing microfinances interventions.

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