Current Collaborators (alphabetical)

Boni Biagini, Global Environment Facility

Qi Ye, Tsinghua University

SU Jun, Tsinghua University

XUAN Xiaowei, Development Research Center, State Council of China

Xue Lan, Tsinghua University

Current Research Fellows (alphabetical)

Rishi Bhandary (pre-doctoral)

Laura Kuhl (pre-doctoral)

Kartikeya Singh (pre-doctoral)

ZHANG Fang (pre-doctoral fellow from Tsinghua University)

Current Doctoral Students (alphabetical)

Students above, and:

Josh Newton (reader)

Shotaro Sasaki (reader)

Andrew Tirrell

Past Research Fellows and Collaborators (alphabetical)

Mohammed Al-Juaied, Saudi Aramco

Laura Diaz Anadon, Harvard Kennedy School

Kathleen Araujo

Heleen de Coninck, Energy Research Center of the Netherlands

Debyani Ghosh

Arnulf Grubler, IIASA and Yale University

LIU Hengwei, BP China

John P. Holdren, Office of Science & Technology Policy, The White House

Henry Lee, Harvard Kennedy School

Prof. W. Ross Morrow, University of Iowa

Gregory Nemet, University of Wisconsin

Hongyan Oliver

Maria Petrova (post-doctoral)

John Randell, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Ambuj Sagar, Indian Institute of Technology, Dehli

Jennie Stephens, Clark University

Gloria Visconti, Inter-American Development Bank

WANG Bo, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing

ZHAO Lifeng, Institute of Thermoengineering Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

ZHAO Xingshu, Institute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Charlie Wilson, University of East Anglia, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

Past Doctoral Students (alphabetical)

Craig Hart

Edward Spang, UC Davis Center for Water-Energy Efficiency

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