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Read about the benefits to faculty involved in medical school learning communities in a new study published by James Wagner (Univ of Texas – Southwestern) and other LCI leaders!


Benefits to faculty involved in medical school learning communities James Wagner, MD, MSc, Amy Fleming, MD, Kevin Moynahan, MD, Meg Keeley, MD, and Robert Shochet, MD

Academic clinical faculty members reported serving as a mentor in an LC was a strong source of job satisfaction.  LC may be a tool for retaining clinical faculty members in academic careers.

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Read about the importance of learning communities in education from high school to medical school a new report published by Lars Osterberg (Stanford University) and other education leaders!


From High School to Medical School: the Importance of Community in Education Lars Osterberg, MD,  Jeff Gilbert, MA, and Rachel Lotan, PhD

Learning communities (LCs) are learning environments created within larger settings where students and faculty members of these communities can establish close and sustained professional and personal connections, common goals, and most importantly, can learn together and from each other.

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Read about the growth of learning communities in undergraduate medical education in a new study published by Sunny Smith (UC San Diego) and other LCI leaders!


The Growth of Learning Communities in Undergraduate Medical Education Sunny Smith, MD, Robert Shochet, MD, Meg Keeley, MD, Amy Fleming, MD, and Kevin Moynahan, MD

The number of medical schools with learning communities is increasing rapidly.  Learning communities provide an opportunity to transform medical education through longitudinal relationships and mentoring.

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