LCI Leadership Council Retreat, Chicago, October 2013

LCI Leadership Council Retreat, Chicago, October 2013
BACK ROW: Rob Shochet (Johns Hopkins), Princess Currence (U. Illinois), Dave Hatem (U. Massachusetts), Mark Whipple (U. Washington), Bill Cutrer (Vanderbilt), Kevin Moynahan (U. Arizona), Gerry Wickham (U. Illinois), Lars Osterberg (Stanford).
FRONT ROW: Sunny Smith (UCSD), Ralph Aarons (Tufts), Meg Keeley (U. Virginia), Amy Fleming (Vanderbilt), Ron Arky (Harvard), Susan Shultz (Johns Hopkins).

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– to learn more about the Learning Communities Institute

Meg G. Keeley, MD
Chair, Learning Communities Institute
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Professor of Pediatrics
Director, Fourth Year Electives Program
University of Virginia School of Medicine


Robert Shochet, MD, FACP
Founding Chair, Learning Communities Institute
Director, Colleges Advisory Program
and Clinical Foundations of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine



– regarding this website or the LCI member site

Ralph Aarons, MD, PhD
Director, Problem-Based Learning Program
Office of Educational Affairs
Tufts University School of Medicine


– regarding joining the LCI or other membership questions

Bill Cutrer, MD, MEd
Critical Care Medicine (Pediatrics)
Director of Learning Communities
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


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