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      • KEYNOTE (@Moscone Center): From High School to Professional School – The Learning Community (LC) Experience [VIEW Keynote]
        VIEW Video of Hillsdale Student (below)  Carlos Duke_0001
        Jeff Gilbert, Principal at Hillsdale High School, San Mateo, CA
        Rachel Lotan, PhD, Stanford University School of Education
      • Learning Community Innovations, Part I (Oral Presentations) – @Moscone Center
        • Longitudinal Advising in LC in a School with Geographically Separate Campuses – Crossing the Divide  [VIEW Presentation]

          • Kathleen Watson, MD
          • Ruth Westra, DO, MPH
          • University of Minnesota Medical School
        • LCs to Teach Teamwork, Professionalism, and Determinants of Health in a Community Setting   [VIEW Presentation]

          • Joseph Kiesler, MD
          • Zelia M. Correa, MD, PhD
          • Anne Gunderson, EdD, GNP
          • University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
        • Developing a Cadre of LC Mentors  [VIEW Presentation]

          • Mike Ennis, MD
          • Dave Hatem, MD
          • University of Massachusetts Medical School
        • Learning Community Innovations, Part I (Poster Presentations) – @Moscone Center

          1. The “POD System”: An Innovative Strategy to Reform GME Teaching Sessions                                                                      [VIEW POSTER #1]
          2. Second-Year Medical Student Reflections: A Pilot Study to Prevent Decline in Empathy                                                 [VIEW POSTER #2]
          3. Medical Student LCs: Developing Professionalism, Clinical Skills, and Mentoring Relationships                                [VIEW POSTER #3]
          4. Maintaining the “Family Atmosphere” through LCs Amidst An Increasing Class Size                                               [VIEW POSTER #4]
          5. Merger of Doctoring Course and Mentoring Program                                                                                                                   [VIEW POSTER #5]
          6. Analysis of student attitudes about LCs              [VIEW POSTER #6]
          7. Functional mentorship in LCs                               [VIEW POSTER #7]
          8. LC at a new medical school, lessons learned      [VIEW POSTER #8]
          9. Evaluating an advisory dean program                 [VIEW POSTER #9]
          10. Teaching conflict management among peers in LCs                                                                                                                      [VIEW POSTER #10]
          11. Determining need for structured advising program                                                                                                                     [VIEW POSTER #11]
          12. LCs and critical events to assist in professional development                                                                                                    [VIEW POSTER #12]
          13. LC pilot for underrepresented, underprepared entering medical students
          14. LCs within LCs benefits for students and faculty                                                                                                                          Handout 3     Poster 2
          15. Competitions in LCs                                              [VIEW POSTER #15]
          16. Using LCs to discuss challenges in clinical learning environment                                                            [VIEW POSTER #16]


      • KEYNOTE (@Stanford): The Stanford Medicine 25–A Means of Continuing Bedside Medicine Education [VIEW Keynote]
        Dr. Abraham Verghese, Stanford University School of Medicine

        • The Stanford 25 and Bedside Ultrasound: The Future of Bedside Medicine [VIEW Presentation] 
        • John Kugler, MD
        • Stanford University School of Medicine
      • Learning Community Innovations, Part II (Oral Presentations) – @Stanford
        • Academic Evaluation and Medical Student Advising: Conflict of Interest? [VIEW Presentation]

          • Ban Mishu Allos, MD
          • Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
        • Learning Communities as a Venue for Vertical Mentoring: Clinical Students’ Exploration of Critical Incidents Using Faculty-Guided Reflection  [VIEW Presentation]

          • Danica Lomeli, MS
          • Lars Osterberg, MD
          • Stanford University School of Medicine
        • Longitudinal and Multi-Faceted Student Support: The Evolution of Hybrid Learning Communities at the University of Virginia School of Medicine [VIEW Presentation]

          • Meg G. Keeley, MD
          • Christine M. Peterson, MD
          • University of Virginia School of Medicine
        • 4th-Year Student Co-Facilitators of Preclinical Curriculum through Learning Communities [VIEW Presentation]

          • Sunny Smith, MD
          • Charlie Goldberg, MD
          • UCSD School of Medicine
      • Learning Communities Innovations, Part II (Poster Presentations) – @Stanford
        1. Clinical skills evaluation                                                [VIEW POSTER i]
        2. “E-harmony”, peer mentoring system in colleges   [VIEW POSTER ii]
        3. Learning community grand rounds                          [VIEW POSTER iii]
        4. Interdisciplinary LCs basic science and medical    [VIEW POSTER iv]
        5. Learning environment
        6. Medical student distress and wellness initiatives  [VIEW POSTER vi]
        7. Reflection in LCs                                                       [VIEW POSTER #vii]
        8. Educational outcomes from LC implementation                                                                                                                                   [VIEW POSTER #viii]
        9. Curriculum variation in physical diagnosis course through LCs                                                                                 [VIEW POSTER #ix]
        10. Faculty benefits in LCs
        11. Mock residency interviews                                         [VIEW POSTER xi]
        12. Development of comprehensive guide for wellness programs                                                                       [VIEW POSTER xii]

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      • Welcome
        R. Shochet Conference Chair Director, JHUSOM Colleges Advisory Program
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Student Advising Case Conference
        Emily Frosch, Johns Hopkins University
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Reflective Practice and Faculty-Student Mentorship Via a Third-Generation Electronic Learning Portfolio in
        the Learning Community Environment
        J. Gordon, MD; Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Masters Colloquium. A Learning Community-driven course in professionalism, ethics and clinical problem solving.
        K. McMahon, PhD; Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center — El Paso, PL Foster School of Medicine
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Creating a Conjoint Rural Medicine Learning Community for Premed and Medical School Matriculates.
        J Binienda, PhD; Wayne State University School of Medicine
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Multipurpose Learning Communities. Academics, Mission-Based Learning, and Social Support.
        M. T. Johnson, PhD; Florida Statue University College of Medicine
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Writing and Reciting a Profession of Values.
        M.T. Hughes, MD; Johns Hopkins University of School of Medicine
        Presentation (PDF)
      • The Osler Student Societies of the University of Texas Medical Branch: Origin and Evolution.
        Michael H. Malloy, MD; The University of Texas Medical Branch
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Medical school learning communities: what’s in the literature?
        Marjorie Wenrich; University of Washington School of Medicine
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Maintaining Connections with Clinical Students
        Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH, Director, Educators-4-CARE; Stanford University School of Medicine
        Presentation (PDF)

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      • Relationship-Centered Care: Impact on Culture and Community in Medical Schools
        Penny Williamson, Sc.D. Associate Professor of Medicine, JHUSOM Relationship Centered Health Care PLENARY slides  Presentation (PDF)
      • UT Southwestern Colleges: A Study of Outcomes–professionalism multiscore profiles for medical students
        James Wagner, MD, Internal Medicine UT Southwestern Medical School
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Grassroots Community: Student Activation, Leadership and Relational Connection in Response to a New Medical School Advisory Program
        Satish Misra, Mark Bicket, Robert Shochet, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Making it Count Twice: Conducting education research within learning communities
        Rachel Levine, MD, MPH and Scott Wright MD, Division of GIM, JHBMC, JHUSOM
        Presentation (PDF)


      • The “P” word: Biggest Problems and Best Practices Imparting Professionalism during the Preclinical Years
        Anne-Marie Oeschlinger University of Washington
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Promoting Professionalism among Medical Students and Docent Faculty through Narratives
        George Thompson MD, Louise Arnold PhD, Jennifer Quaintance PhD University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine
      • UW School of Medicine: The Colleges -A comprehensive approach to clinical skills training and mentoring
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Adorable Ones or Terrible Twos? Lessons from a New Learning Community
        Robert Shochet, MD, Assistant Professor & Director, Colleges Advisory/Clinical Skills Program
        The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
        Presentation (PDF)
      • Learning Communities Characteristics
        Jan Carline, University of Washington; Kristi Ferguson, University of Iowa; Ed Krupat, Harvard University; Ellen Wolter, University of Iowa; Don Yarbrough, University of Iowa
        Presentation (PDF)

      • Plenary Session Building Connections in a World of Disconnections
        Corly Petersen Brooke, Ph.D., Iowa State University
      • Institute Work Session – How Do You Know Your Learning Communities Are Working?
        Donald Yarbrough, Ph.D., University of Iowa Center for Evaluation and Assessment
      • Institute Work Session, panel discussion
        Moderated by Joel Gordon, MD, University of Iowa
      • Plenary Session On Leadership and Being a Change Agent
        Jude West, Ph.D., University of Iowa
      • Breakout Session – Integrating Formal and Informal Curricula; Academic Outcomes of Learning Communities.
        Ronald A. Arkey, M.D., Harvard Medical School
      • Breakout Session – Balancing Class and Community
        Susan Johnson, M.D., University of Iowa
      • Breakout Session – Catalyzing Your Resources to Achieve Program Goals
        Bret Gothe, M.A., University of Iowa
      • Breakout Session – The Role of Learning Communities in the Development of Professional Behaviors in Students.
        Louise Arnold, Ph.D. University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine
      • Plenary Session – Making It All Happen
        Charles Schroeder, Ph.D.,Noel Levitz Consulting
      • Plenary Session – Wrap-Up and Template for Action Plan
        Elizabeth Whitt, Ph.D., University of Iowa


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