Check out this giant peeler

The standard peeler:

The jumbo peeler:
I met this jumbo peeler last month when I was taking a cooking class in Vietnam. We were making a salad and we used the peeler to peel a mango and then make mango slivers. Good, it’s multifunctional, but that’s not why I love it. I love it because the first time I picked it up, I knew how to use it, and I knew how to use it well. I’ve been using the standard peeler for years, and yet I often still slice off the ends of my fingernails. Perhaps I have poor technique / I should pay more attention when peeling, but that’s not something I have to worry about with the jumbo peeler. The wide metal wings protect my fingertips from the sharp blades inside.

For the record, I understand why the standard peeler is so thin, and I acknowledge that the jumbo peeler is unnecessarily large for its peeling purpose. But function isn’t all that matters–the user matters too. And, as a user, I prefer the jumbo peeler to the standard peeler because I feel safer using it, and in my opinion, safety > stowability.

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